Our strategy

Our vision is to see every person's potential fulfilled

Our 2020-2025 strategy

In 2020, All We Can launched a bold new five year strategy, committing ourselves to walk in partnership with local people and organisations, towards our vision of seeing every person’s potential fulfilled.

  • We're equipping people with the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty
  • We focus on long term, relational partnerships with organisations rooted in the communities they serve
  • Create a legacy of resilient, thriving and impactful local partners
  • Inspire and invest in a wealth of diverse supporter relationships that resource and grow the movement
  • Leverage greater impact in the wider world through collaboration and influence

Our strategic goals

Three key goals have been guiding our work from 2020as we seek to realise our vision of seeing every person’s potential fulfilled.

Our values and beliefs

We have always been inspired and led by Christian principles, with our British Methodist Church heritage

  • Love is the oxygen of our movement, and enables meaningful relationships and actions.
  • Collaboration is working together in solidarity and partnership, not control.
  • Integrity is personifying honesty, transparency, and accountability.

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