Prayer is vital to the work of All We Can and we are encouraged by our supporters and partners who join with us in prayer.

Each month, we highlight the key areas that we invite you to join us in praying for.

This month, as many schools reopen and children, staff and parents prepare for a new academic year, we invite you to join us in praying for everyone involved in education.

Lord God,

Hear our prayer:

For the leaders and teachers bring wisdom;

For the parents and carers bring space to breathe and rest;

For the children bring security;

For the anxious bring peace;

For the excited bring opportunities;

For the fearful bring courage;

For the lonely bring friendship;

For the disappointed bring encouragement;

For each person returning to education this month, place your protective hands around them and hold them close.

May our schools and colleges be safe spaces for students and staff alike.

May each bubble be a place where joy dwells and learning flourishes.

May this new academic year be remarkable for its abundance of kindness and generosity of spirit;

May the fear of the unknown be alleviated by camaraderie and companionship as schools reopen and a new beginning is upon us.

We pray for the children and staff who are unable to return to schools:

For the children in countries like Uganda where it is uncertain whether their schools will be able to open and online learning is not available to many.

For the children and staff who are vulnerable and need protection due to health concerns.

Lord God,

Hear our prayer.


A Prayer for Education Sunday (13th September 2020)

God of love and life,

We pray for every member of our community, both close to home and globally, who is returning to school.

We pray for their places of education to be overflowing with creativity, inspiration and opportunity.

We pray for your peace to fill the classrooms and dining halls, the playgrounds and school buses, and the hearts and minds of those who are worried about returning to school.

We pray that you will equip the teachers and teaching assistants with the tools they need to help the children and young people in their care to fulfil their potential.

We commend our children and young people into your care.

In Jesus’ name,




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