Prayer Materials

Maritha weaves a basket in Binga, Zimbabwe. Image: Tendai Marima/All We Can

Prayer is vital to the work of All We Can and we are encouraged by our supporters and partners who join with us in prayer.

This month, join us in these prayers inspired by the work of All We Can’s local partners.

A prayer inspired by basket weaving

Holy God,
In the hands of basket weavers, bamboo fibres and leaves become the tools for creativity and possibility.
In your hands, similarly, our lives become the tools to build your kingdom here on earth.
Today, we pray for the work of All We Can’s partner in Zimbabwe, the Zubo Trust, working with groups of women to train them in basket weaving.
We call to mind the image of a basket, the empty vessel, the storage place, the offering plate, the fruit bowl, the bread holder, the coin collector. A basket has many uses, and each design is suited to a particular need.
As we look out on your world, help us to listen, with an attentive ear, to the role you have called us to play, to meet the needs we are called to, to make use of our skills in the building of your kingdom.
Gracious God, weave our lives as the basket weaver weaves,
Weave our lives by your love.

God of every moment

God of this moment,
We pray for people meeting to worship you today, especially those who have to do so in secret and in fear.

God of this day,
We pray for all who will find this day difficult, particularly those living in the countries and communities where All We Can is working – in places where there has been a recent disaster, or the long-term effects of poverty are impacting the local community.

God of this week,
We pray for political and societal leaders around the world, in the face of difficult decisions this week, and with the responsibility to do all that they can to bring about a better, fairer, more just world, we pray for wisdom and grace for each and every one of them.

God of this year,
We pray for all who are working to seek a better world – from the staff teams of relief agencies working in refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar and Za’atari, through to those who volunteer for and donate to charities who are committed to seeking justice and human dignity. Give each of us the courage to play our part in that work today, O Lord.

God of every moment,
Help me to be an answer to prayer for somebody else this day.


Prayer is vital to the work of All We Can and our partner organisations around the world. We believe prayer makes a significant difference because God is concerned for those in need.

Prayers by theme

Use our prayer resources below, for personal reflection or as a church, to pray for the work of All We Can and our partner organisations working in some of the world’s poorest communities.

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Prayer materials and reflections inspired by global issues and the work of All We Can’s partners.