Prayer Materials

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Prayer is vital to the work of All We Can and we are encouraged by our supporters and partners who join with us in prayer.

This month, as we look toward Christmas, we give thanks for the extraordinary Christmas story and pray for communities across the world. You can find more Christmas resources for you and your church here.

A prayer celebrating the extraordinary Christmas story

Extraordinary God,
We give you thanks for the extraordinary Christmas story,
In which you came and live amongst us.
Incarnate God,
We give you thanks that you still come and make yourself known to us today,
Immanuel – God with us.
In this Christmas season, bring your light, your healing and your hope
To All We Can’s work, partners and the communities they work alongside.
In Jesus’ extraordinary name we pray,

A prayer for hope at Christmas 

Holy God,
When angels visited the shepherds, they sang for peace on earth.
Yet as we look out on your world, we see that there is still much conflict, war, injustice and poverty.
Holy God,
When an angel visited Mary, he whispered to her not to be afraid.
Yet as we look out on our communities, we see much fear and anxiety, so much that is not as you would have it be, Lord God.
Holy God,
When you came, as a baby, to a refugee family 2000 years ago,
You showed the world that every human life matters,
That every person’s potential can be fulfilled,
And that there is hope for a better kind of world.
Holy God,
Come to us again this Christmas, come and bring your hope.
In Jesus’ name we pray,

Prayer is vital to the work of All We Can and our partner organisations around the world. We believe prayer makes a significant difference because God is concerned for those in need.

Prayers by theme

Use our prayer resources below, for personal reflection or as a church, to pray for the work of All We Can and our partner organisations working in some of the world’s poorest communities.

+ Action

+ A prayer based on the parable of the wise and foolish builder

+ Refugees

+ International Women’s Day

+ Mothers

+ A prayer for the nations

+ Young people

+ Potential

+ Black History Month

+ Compassion

+ Creation

+ Education

+ Prayers for Ethiopia

+ Prayers for India

+ Prayers for Uganda

+ Prayers for Zimbabwe

+ Repentance

+ Elderly communities

+ Good stewardship

+ Hope

+ Wisdom

Prayer materials and reflections inspired by global issues and the work of All We Can’s partners.