Prayer is vital to the work of All We Can and we are encouraged by our supporters and partners who join with us in prayer.

Each month, we highlight the key areas that we invite you to join us in praying for.

Prayer for the people of Syria

Migrant God,
You are always on the move,
Travelling before us and alongside us,
As we travel through life’s journey.

Migrant God,
We hold before you all those who are on the move today
All who are a long way from home;
All who live amongst fear, conflict and war;
All who have a long journey ahead.

Migrant God,
We pray especially for the people of Syria today,
For those who fled their country many years ago, longing for home;
For those still left behind, surrounded by violence;
For those still fleeing now, hoping for safety.

Migrant God,
May we be a travelling, wondering people,
Always seeking to go further on our journey of seeking to be more like you.
May we be a safe place, a sanctuary, for all who are on the move,
All who are afraid, all who seek safety,
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord,

Prayer for peace in Syria

Lord of all,

We lift to you refugees and migrants around the world,
asking that by the power of your Holy Spirit, you inspire leaders of nations
to act compassionately to end the suffering of those in desperate need.

We pray for a lasting peace in Syria, for political gains to be set aside and humanitarian considerations to be given priority.

We pray for hope and strength for fathers who are struggling to provide for the most basic needs of their families,
for courage for mothers who have to watch their children go hungry and for comfort for small children and babies who are feeling the cold.

Loving God, you care for us and for all, especially those in need.
Inspire us to reflect your abundant love back to those in need, guiding us in prayer, action and generous giving.

In Jesus’ name.

By Rev’d Claire Hargreaves – Refugee and Interfaith Adviser, South East District of The Methodist Church