All We Canuary!

©All We Canuary is a brand-new fundraising challenge from All We Can and YOU are invited to join in.

The idea is simple: do all the *something* you can in January 2024, and fundraise for All We Can in the process!

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Whether it be running all the miles you can, reading all the books you can, or knitting all the hats you can - it’s up to you what challenge you set yourself, because only you know what you need to fulfil your potential.

In the process, you’ll have the chance to learn and share inspiring stories from All We Can’s local partners in Liberia. As they fulfil their potential, journey with them as you seek to fulfil yours!

Use the sign-up form on this page if you want to get involved in this inaugural edition of All We Canuary. You can also join our Facebook group to hear what other All We Canuary participants will be doing in January, as well as stories from our incredible partners in Liberia’

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Why do we get to choose our own challenge?

At All We Can, we don’t believe in telling our local partners in low-income countries what they should be doing to tackle poverty in their context. We believe that local people are the experts in their situation and are best placed to identify what they need.

We’re bringing that same principle to All We Canuary. Rather than telling you to run, bake, or sing, we trust that you are best placed to decide what good fundraising looks like for you!

Why January?

While people can fundraise for All We Can at any time of year, we have decided January provides a good focus point in the year to encourage supporters to do some community fundraising.

Firstly, it is the time we launch our new campaign, where we spotlight a different one of our partners for the duration of the year. A fundraising challenge allows us to kickstart this new campaign year with something exciting.

Secondly, we know that many of our supporters will be taking on new year’s resolutions and may want to use that as an opportunity to create a positive impact at the same time. We hope All We Canuary can offer some added motivation for those already taking on challenges at the start of a new year.


All We Canuary is a great chance for schools to engage their young people in fundraising, and to learn about global poverty. Your school could hold a one-off fundraising event for All We Can, or encourage students and teachers to engage in an All We Canuary challenge.

What kind of challenge could I take on?

While you have total freedom to design your own challenge, here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing. For any of these you might like to set a specific goal (e.g. I will bake 200 cakes in January) or leave it open-ended (e.g. I will cycle as many miles as I can):

  • Run/cycle/swim all the miles you can.
  • Read all the books you can.
  • Knit/crochet all the clothing you can.
  • Bake all the cakes you can.
  • Sing all the hymns you can.
  • Play all the board games you can.
  • Use as little single-use plastic as you can.
  • Do tasks for as many people as you can.

Fundraising Resources

You’ve signed up and decided what challenge to take on. What next?
We are putting together resources to help make getting the most out of your fundraising in January as easy as possible.


While individual congregation members can engage with All We Canuary, it is also easy for whole churches to get involved, either with a one-off event, or choosing a challenge to tackle together as a congregation.

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e.g. running, baking, singing [whatever you like best!)
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