We lift no one out of poverty

We’ve learned that lifting people out of poverty blunts their potential to lift themselves out. So we partner with them as they end their own poverty.

Image credit: Malusa Kilonda

Working together

We’re an international relief and development movement, rooted in the Christian faith. Our partners represent years of relationship. Together, we're finding solutions to poverty.

Donations are good. But I've realised NGOs – local and international – also try to donate solutions. But you will never sustain development when the answers come from outside, into the community.

People themselves know their own challenges. All they need to know is, how do we solve our own problems? We facilitate problem solving.

Victor Mughogho // All We Can Partner and Director of Eagles, Malawi

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Join the journey and walk together in partnership with children – through schools and our learning resources.

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Discover why we cannot eradicate poverty – but they can and encourage others towards a new mindset.

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