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Good Friday Prayer

This is taken from our Good Friday resource, which encourages churches to plant potatoes as a sign of new life.

As we commit these seeds to the earth, we remind ourselves of the sacrifice you made for us. That though you were without sin, you not only descended to the dirt of our world to be among us, but descended even to death itself. Lord, we are humbled by the depth of your love for us, and the depth of your actions to reach us with it.

From Friday's soil, bring Sunday's life.

Thank you, Lord, through your death on the cross for laying bare the reality of evil for all to see, for exposing the consequences of our collective brokenness. Through placing our fingers in this soil, may we be reminded of the reality of the messiness and sin of the world.

From Friday’s soil, bring Sunday’s life.

Help us, Lord, to sit in the discomfort of waiting. As we plant these seeds, we know we cannot fast-forward to the harvest, just as the people of Good Friday could not fast-forward to Easter Sunday. May we be people who patiently, but expectantly, await signs of the coming Kingdom.

From Friday’s soil, bring Sunday’s life.

Lord Jesus, may we be people who live in light of the events we celebrate at Easter. And may these seeds and the plants they produce be a sign and reminder to us of the new life you poured out for us on the cross.

From Friday’s soil, bring Sunday’s life.


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