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BUBA (Bukedi Bee Keepers Association)

BuBA which is based in the Bukedi region of eastern Uganda, was established in 2018 when bee farmers in 6 districts; Pallisa, Kibuku, Budaka, Butebo, Tororo and Butaleja agreed to form an association to promote bee keeping and sustainably protect the environment. BuBA’s vision is ‘Empowered bee farmers for sustainable livelihood in Rural Communities’ while their mission is to ‘contribute to promotion of bee keeping through provision of education, mentorship and collective marketing’. BuBA has a special focus on involving the most deprived and disadvantaged sections of communities, including persons with disabilities.

BuBA works in one of the poorest in the country, which is also being increasingly challenged by environmental degradation. The search for agriculturally productive land has forced people to encroach on swamps and hitherto forest reserves. Further climatic changes have adversely affected agricultural productivity, the mainstay of the majority of households, therefore making it increasingly unpredictable. Apiculture has the potential of stemming this environmental degradation while at the same time providing a viable and profitable means of livelihood. BuBA has focused its efforts towards sustainable use and management of wetlands and swamps and afforestation. BuBA also carries out research on the various alternative benefits of bee-keeping including medicinal honey and other by-products.

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