A Harvest like never before

Nawalat stands by her bicycle in Uganda


So much has changed, hasn’t it?

Over the last few months, we have all seen change in many areas of our lives. Much of that change has been difficult – but some of it has also been encouraging and even inspiring as each of us, our communities and our churches have found ways to respond to the impact of this global pandemic.

This year, you can be part of a story of change for communities like the one I visited in Uganda last November. When I was in Butagaya a few months ago, I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting amazing young people like Nawalat.

For her, change begins with a bicycle – as access to this simple tool is helping her access education and break the cycle of poverty.

It is my hope that, in this year of change, you and your church community can make use of the inspiring harvest resources now available from allwecan.org.uk/cycle.

You could have a service in your church, focusing on Nawalat’s story, using the prayers, sermon notes, interactive activities and resources we have put together. Everything you need to do so can be ordered or downloaded from allwecan.org.uk/cycle.

However, we know lots of you will also be doing church online, or having an online element to your worship. In which case, we hope you will find the videos telling the stories of Nawalat and others from her community a helpful addition to your services. You can access videos of a call to worship, prayers, bible readings, an all-age talk, interactive activities, a few different options for sermons and even hear all about the embarrassing stories of various church leaders and their bicycles, all by ordering or downloading worship resources today!

In addition, we have produced some devotional materials, which could be used at home, in private prayer or as part of a small group.

I look forward to hearing all the stories of how you have made use of them, and seeing lots of pictures of you all on, with or riding your bicycles! Visit allwecan.org.uk/cycle to download or order physical copies of your harvest resources today.

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