An update from Haiti

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Across the globe, All We Can, together with the Methodist Church in Britain, have been walking alongside the most vulnerable as they seek to combat the effects of coronavirus. As we approach the end of a difficult year, the Methodist family remains committed to providing essential support for the most marginalised communities.

In July, we shared an update on how we were responding to some of the immediate threats posed by coronavirus in Haiti, which you can read here.

Your support has already helped the most vulnerable – but sadly, the situation in Haiti continues to worsen. Frequent lockdowns – both during and prior to the pandemic – have jeopardized food security in the country, which has suffered from poor harvests since last March and civil unrest for a number of years. Lockdown has also prevented farmers from transporting or selling any produce they have been able to grow – leaving them without much-needed income, and rendering communities unable to purchase vital food supplies as prices skyrocket. In a country where six million people – more than half of the population – live below the poverty line, the threat of hunger looms large, preventing communities from fulfilling their God-given potential.

A woman in blue and white stripy top and brown headscarf washes her hands.
Your support has already helped communities in Haiti access vital sanitary kits, which included resources such as the water bucket pictured.

As well as food insecurity, Haiti has been forced to grapple with an unstable political context and a particularly difficult hurricane season this year. Covid-19 complicated disaster preparedness activities, and so the country has had to deal with two concurrent crises.

Bishop Jean Lesly Dorcely, Superintendent of the Haiti Methodist District, said ‘The Haitian people are under the red alert of Covid-19, according to the government, and that affects the mind and the livelihood of all. However, the nation continues to hope for a better tomorrow.’

All We Can and the Methodist Church in Britain are working together through the Emergency Coronavirus Appeal to help meet urgent needs through Eglise Methodiste d’Haiti. Your support could help provide vital support such as food supplies and further sanitary kits.

Your support since the outbreak of this pandemic has helped transform thousands of lives around the world. Please continue to give generously to the Emergency Coronavirus Appeal, to support vulnerable communities in Haiti and beyond as they continue to grapple with the difficulties that 2020 has brought.

You can also keep up to date with news from the Global Relationships team of the Methodist Church in Britain, including news about how together we are responding to Covid-19, here.

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