Payroll giving

Through Payroll giving, you can give to charity tax-free and make your money go further in some of the world’s poorest communities.

You can make regular gifts to All We Can through your salary. As the donation is made before tax, more of your money will go towards All We Can’s life-changing work. For example, if you pay tax at a basic rate of 20%, a donation will cost you £8 but will be worth £10 to All We Can.

How it works

If your workplace has a payroll giving scheme in place, simply request and complete the relevant form specifying All We Can as your chosen charity and return it to your payroll department. Some companies will match your donation, doubling the value of your regular gift.

You can change or stop your regular donation whenever you wish through your payroll department. If you change jobs, you will need to sign up to payroll giving with your new employer. All payroll giving schemes are processed by payroll giving agencies to provide an audit trail and prevent fraud. These agencies are approved and monitored by HM Revenue & Customs.

Why give every month?

By giving regularly, you will help us to plan effectively and make long-term commitments to people living in poverty because we have an income we can rely on. Your gifts will be directed to where the need is greatest.

If your employer does not offer payroll giving

If you would like to make regular gifts to All We Can and your employer does not have a payroll giving scheme in place, ask your workplace payroll department to contact us on 020 3758 7700 for more information about setting this up.

Alternatively, you can make regular donations directly from your bank account by direct debit.

If you are an employer and interested in setting up payroll giving, please call 020 3758 7700.

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