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Jaipreet Kaur

Executive Head of Philanthropy and Public Engagement.

Jaipreet is the Executive Head of Philanthropy and Public Engagement. Her journey into the organisation in 2018 was no mere career move; it was a deliberate stride towards disrupting the conventional norms of global development. With over a decade spent in the charitable sector, her expertise runs deep.

A trailblazer from the outset, Jaipreet's quest for impact ignited after she achieved her Master's in International Politics, propelling her towards a sector where she could wield her knowledge as a catalyst for change. From her formative years at Emergency UK to her time with esteemed entities like the US Human Rights Network, United Sikhs, Medical Aid for Palestinians, and Action for Children, Jaipreet's footprint spans continents, leaving an indelible mark on those she serves.

Jaipreet has a passion for strategy, fundraising, communication, and financial sustainability – which are the cornerstones of her craft. Yet, it's her ability to foster connections that sets her apart—a virtuoso in building bridges and sharing the profound impact of All We Can's endeavours. For Jaipreet, philanthropy transcends transactional giving; it's about collaboration and impact.

With every relationship forged, every story shared, she inspires others to join her in the noble pursuit of a more just and equitable world.

Jaipreet is a poet, drummer, singer, and serves on the board of Trustees for Binti International and Humanitet.