Refugee crisis

Saif was forced to feel Syria but has found hope for a new life in Jordan.

More than seven years on from the start of the conflict in Syria, we are continuing to respond to the humanitarian crisis by supporting refugees like Saif and Shaded and their host communities in Jordan.

How we are responding

Since the conflict in Syria began more than seven years ago, over 4.8m Syrians have fled from their country because of violence, conflict, and a complete collapse of Syria’s economy and infrastructure (UNHCR figures). All We Can has been responding to the needs of refugees and their host communities in Jordan through experienced international and local humanitarian response partners. We have a particular focus on providing opportunities for refugees like Saif and Shahed to not only survive, but to have access to resources and activities that help provide dignity, resilience and hope in extremely challenging circumstances.

Shahed’s story

Doing all we can

Since we launched our Refugee Appeal in 2013 we have been able to provide more than £300,000 in funding to our partners in the Middle East with thanks to the generosity of All We Can’s supporters.

Graeme Hodge, Chief Executive, says: “Since the conflict in Syria began our TV screens have been filled with images of pain, suffering and death. We cannot begin to understand the injustices that Syrian people have endured in that time. I would like to thank our supporters and the thousands of people in Methodist congregations around Britain who have already donated to our Syria Appeal.

As the conflict heads into its eighth year, we pray for the multitude of civilians caught in the crossfire, the refugees fleeing to safety who have lost their homes and their loved ones, the people of the surrounding nations offering safety and shelter, and the thousands of staff and volunteers who are working tirelessly in challenging situations.”

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