10K Runners Q and A


We are always amazed by the lengths our wonderful supporters go to in order to raise vital funds for people living in some of the world’s poorest communities. Often, these lengths are more physical than metaphorical – which is why, on Sunday 21 July, six incredible runners took to the streets of London, to take on the Asics London 10k. We caught up with two of those runners, Pauline and Molly, to get the lowdown on how it all went for them…


Why did you decide to run for All We Can?

Pauline – I decided to run for All We Can because they do some great work with people in very poor situations. I also believe they act responsibly and urgently in places of great need and do not hold onto funds, but use it wisely encouraging hope for many.

Molly – I started working for the Methodist Church in February and learnt about All We Can during a staff meeting. Recently it feels like there is so much tragedy in the world and relief organisations are critical in assisting those most in need. I also thought taking part in the run would be a positive way to meet new colleagues.

How was the experience on the day?

Pauline – The run on the day was an amazing experience – with a great friendly atmosphere, lots of entertainment on the route to keep me smiling – and excellent organisation. It was quite humid – so I tried to keep hydrated and was pleased to cross the finish line on my feet!

Molly – The atmosphere was incredible, the sun was shining and the support from the crowds was really motivating. I got quite emotional seeing thousands of people running for causes they believe in and also using their bodies to take on a physical challenge. It was also amazing to run through London without the obstacles of cars and traffic lights – running over the River Thames was a highlight!

How much have you raised in total?

Pauline – In total I’ve raised over £600.00

Molly – So far I’ve raised £555.00 – with hopefully a few more donations to come through.

What tips would you give future runners for All We Can?

Pauline – Tips for future runners – train well – and do a couple of practice 6-8k runs around the time of the actual run!

Molly – If you haven’t done much running before, invest in some running trainers designed for the way your foot hits the ground when running. During training build up slowly and don’t overdo it. I used a running app (Nike Run Club) which helped me track how far I ran and my progress. They also have guided runs by world class athletes which are really inspiring*.
I also started doing yoga alongside my training which helped stretch out my muscles and build strength in my body. There are some good post-run yoga tutorials on YouTube but try get to a class if you have the resources. On the day, go to the toilet, drink water, make sure you’ve eaten enough food two hours before the race. Smile! In terms of fund-raising, my advice is just to keep reminding people. Be aware of time, if you email people while they’re at work, they’re likely to be at a computer and then it’s easy for them to donate.
*‘Run with Shalene’ guided run on the app is really moving – I was tearing up on a training run!

If you would like to get involved in fundraising for All We Can click here!

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