All We Can announces new CEO


Graeme Hodge has been appointed as CEO Designate of All We Can and will assume the role of Chief Executive in December 2018.

Graeme has been the Deputy CEO of All We Can since joining the charity in April 2016. Prior to this, Graeme spent 5 years as a consultant to the charitable and commercial sector helping to build partnerships, increase organisational effectiveness, fundraising and ethical practice. This followed more than 12 years in the third sector, with most of that time spent in relief and development. Driven by his faith, and a love of community, he is an activist for gender equality and seeing an end to human trafficking. Originally from Australia, Graeme grew up in the Philippines and also worked in the USA before moving to the UK in 2000. Graeme is husband to Emily, and father to two young daughters. He is an active member of his local church, and as a family, they are deeply embedded in their community.

Of his new appointment, Graeme said, ‘For over two and a half years I have been part of a remarkable team seeking to end the suffering caused by poverty and injustice and to help people in some of the world’s poorest communities fulfil their potential. As I take on this new role as Chief Executive, we will continue to seek ways to enable a fulfilling future for those we serve, by responding today in a way that will build sustainable foundations and support for tomorrow. For the past eighty years, this movement has been championed by thousands of people pursuing justice and equality all over the world. We stand on their shoulders, their legacy, and will progress forward with creativity, innovation, professionalism and passion until we see the world as it was meant to be for everyone. I am thrilled to be able to take on the leadership of this life-changing work.’

Maurice Adams, the outgoing CEO, has led All We Can through a dynamic evolution over the past six years and has always worked towards establishing a leadership succession for the organisation. Under Maurice’s leadership, the charity has been transformed through reorganisation and rebranding, and it has seen considerable growth and impact by focussing on innovative organisational and collaborative partnerships, a continued commitment to sustainable development and the acknowledgment of the central role of the Church in community.

Maurice reflects that, ‘All We Can tells a story. A story that needs to be told. One that cares for our neighbour, regardless of birth, place or fortune. I have had the honour of enabling others to be part of this story. Now All We Can is ready for a new chapter, one that needs a new and progressive leader. All We Can is distinctive in so many ways, and it needs a distinctive leader with a dynamic team approach to model the values and vision that is at its heart. After working with Graeme for more than two years I can think of no one more suited for this role than him.’

When asked what the focus of his leadership would be, Graeme Hodge commented, ‘As we look at the world and see so much need, I am compelled and challenged that we are all called to this cause- to enact justice and overcome poverty. Many of us have had people in our lives who have nourished and developed our potential. But so many more have not had that privilege. It is them, our local and global neighbours, we seek to serve. ‘Others’ should always be our focus. This is the focus of our work at All We Can. I believe that is what we were created for, not only as a movement, but also as individuals. It is in our love of and service to others that we realise our fuller self, that we fulfil our own God given potential and become who we are each created to be.’

One of the expanding areas of work for All We Can is supporting churches and NGO’s to help strengthen their capacity and effectiveness as agents of change in their local contexts. Maurice will continue serving All We Can in a new function, as Principal Advisor, specifically working on the professional support services it offers to others in the sector, with an emphasis on faith-based organisations and churches.

Dr Louise Brooke-Smith, Chair of the Board of Trustees, confirmed, ‘Both of these appointments are excellent news for All We Can and its partners. Over the past two years, Graeme, as Deputy CEO, has impressed the Trustees with his innovation and creativity as well as his ability to strengthen our organisational compliance. He is particularly well placed to take on the role of CEO and develop further all the work and initiatives that have gone before. Maurice has unconditionally served All We Can for six years and the organisation would not be in such a strong position without his leadership. We are delighted that he has generously agreed to continue supporting the organisation, remaining part of our dedicated team.’

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