All We Can Conference 2018


Change happens when we all work together

On Saturday 20 January 2018, 200 people gathered together at William Booth College in London for a day of inspiration, challenge and action with All We Can. Together, they asked the question, ‘What role can we play in tackling global injustice and poverty’?

Here are some of the highlights from the day….

“There is no them. There is only us.” – Revd Dr Calvin Samuel.

Revd Dr Calvin Samuel spoke powerful of a God of justice and challenged conference attendees to look at our common humanity.

Geraldine Latty led inspiring and passionate worship throughout the day.
“The Church is here to give a voice to the voiceless” – Clever Tabaziba, National Director for one of All We Can’s partners in Zimbabwe MeDRA.

Clever Tabaziba from Zimbabwe, All We Can’s Director of Programmes Angela Zamaere, Vice-President of Methodist Conference Jill Baker and President of Methodist Conference Revd Loraine Mellor shared from their own experiences of All We Can’s work around the world as part of a special panel.

Prayers and reflections for the world.
Post-lunch worship led by the wonderful Zimbabwean Methodist Fellowship Choir.
Powerful stories from around the world.
Change happens when we all work together!
“We are together in this” – Dr Maurice Adams

Dr Maurice Adams, All We Can’s Chief Executive, calls for attendees to commit themselves to justice and to show love in action for the benefit of the world’s poorest communities.

Together, doing all we can, change is possible for some of the world’s poorest communities.




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