Beyond Lent: Be Transformed in 2023


‘Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’ Romans 12:2

A resource you can use year-round to explore ‘doing development differently.’

A journey of transformation

This Lent, All We Can and our supporters began a journey together through our 2023 resource, ‘Be Transformed‘.

In international development, you may think that we’re the ones bringing transformation to others, but at All We Can, we recognise that the transformation needs to happen to us.

We need to change our approach, and learn to put communities in the driving seat through locally-led development. In this resource, learn the principles of locally-led development, and how these principles have been enacted by our partners in Malawi.

Walking together

Jimmy Likagwa, Church Mobilisation Coordinator, Eagles.
Jimmy Likagwa, Church Mobilisation Coordinator, Eagles [Tom Price / All We Can]

The resource was designed to introduce people to the power of long-term partnership in international development and relief work, and to share stories and testimonies from the communities where our partners work.

In the first two weeks of Be Transformed, we met Pastor Christopher and the community in William Village, Malawi, and we learned the importance of practicing presence and of understanding our community.

A journey of understanding

With All We Can’s support, our partner Eagles facilitates community mapping and other projects aimed at helping the community to recognise and harness its own resources.

When we commit to listening and building relationships within local communities, we can start to think about responding to community needs and building for the future.

What comes next?

Once we have embedded ourselves, actively listened, and truly understood our community, it’s time to build a movement. The resource explores the following principles.

Click on each heading to explore it further:

  1. Practicing presence
  2. Understanding our communities
  3. Going at the pace of trust
  4. Asking questions, not giving answers
  5. Shifting the power
  6. Changing our mindset


What did people say?

Members of the Madalitso choir (meaning blessings), in William village.
Members of the Madalitso choir (meaning blessings), in William village. [Tom Price / All We Can]

We know that our supporters and movement want to hear inspiring stories and insights from our partners, and we celebrate how deeply engaged our community is with our work.

We asked those who had used the resource to summarise what they had leaned in three words:

‘Participation is essential’

‘Enabling community needs’

‘Informative, thoughtful, reflective’


What do you think?

Have you used the resource? What was the most valuable lesson you learned from your experience?

Share your thoughts in the comments here, or get in touch.

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