Emergency Relief Fund: Your Questions Answered

An image of flooding in Southern Malawi, accompanied by text: Emergency Relief Fund: Your Questions Answered.


‘If something worse were to come, we want to be stronger than the hazard itself. Help us become stronger.’ Victor Mughogho, Director of Eagles, Malawi

Why is the ERF necessary?

Two people embrace in the ruins of a structure in north Syria (Image: Burak Kara / Getty Images News)

The Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) was established as a dedicated ‘pot’ from which All We Can makes funding available for emergencies and disaster risk reduction (DRR).

In emergencies, it’s important to act fast: With crises, especially climate-related natural disasters, become more prevalent in recent years, we have created a way to respond quickly and effectively and support partners on the ground.

I want my money to support emergencies – where should I donate?

If you want your giving to go directly towards supporting emergency response, the ERF was set up for you!

The fund is a dedicated resource for our humanitarian partners who are acting in emergencies or who are working to reduce the impact of future crises. If this area of our work resonates with you the most, please consider being an ERF supporter today.

Why not just raise money separately for each emergency?

Not all emergencies make the news, which has a devastating impact on the communities All We Can serves. With multiple emergencies overseas, some of the most marginalised communities are the ones who are often left behind. The ERF creates the capacity for you to support communities with emergencies before they happen.

That’s why we invite you to become a regular emergency giver today.

Emergency appeals are still a hugely important part of our response to crises. At the time of writing, we have several open appeals. You can see them all here.

Where will my money go?

The Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) is a dedicated giving stream. Your donation will be ring-fenced for work relating to emergencies.

When you become and ERF giver, you will have the option to receive updates about our emergency relief and humanitarian aid.

Who decides where to send support?

Lekisina stands in front of one of the ‘build back better’ homes created by two of All We Can’s local partners in Malawi. (Image: Ralphworks / All We Can)

All We Can has a dedicated Emergency Response Group which works to identify emergencies worldwide and identify local partners who we can support in setting up, expanding or continuing their humanitarian response. We support partners who provide emergency relief, and who are working on ongoing disaster risk reduction projects.

We are proud to have been an early responder to the East Africa Famine in late 2022, and to the devastation of Cyclone Freddy in March 2023.

What if I want to support ongoing development work?

We welcome support for all areas of our work, not just emergency relief. If you would rather support our ongoing development work, you can do this as a regular giver or one-off giver here.

We believe in every person’s potential fulfilled. When you give to All We Can, you’re supporting communities on a journey towards a resilient, self-sufficient and fulfilling future. No matter how you give, your support is transformative and greatly appreciated.

More questions?

Our friendly supporter care team are on hand to help with any query. Please get in touch today.

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