Cyclone Freddy: Prayer for those affected




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13 March 2023

Pray with us

Today, we are asking our supporters to pray for communities in Malawi and Mozambique. Cyclone Freddy, considered the longest-lived storm in recorded history, made a second landfall in Malawi and Mozambique on Saturday night.

The shire river and smaller rivers have burst their banks, causing flash flooding across Malawi’s second city, Blantyre, and in Mulanje. Homes have been destroyed and lives have been lost. Many expect the death toll in Blantyre to be in the hundreds.

We pray for those affected, as we continue to monitor the situation and find out the best way to support survivors.

The prayer below is offered by Cameron Hume, All We Can’s Resource Writing & Editing Officer.

Prayer for those affected

Lord of all,

Our hearts cry out at the devastation caused by Cyclone Freddy in Malawi and Mozambique.

We pray for those who adamantly regrouped and rebuilt following Cyclones Idai, Ana, and Gombe, who face yet another bow. We pray that, though they should not need to, they will somehow find the strength to fight another day.

As we watch homes destroyed, lives lost, and dreams evaporated, evict from us the myth of inevitability. Rebuke any notion that we are not connected to these places and these people.

As we are reminded once again how our abuse of creation has distorted weather patterns beyond recognition or habitability, do not allow us to abscond ourselves of any responsibility.

As we see floods which should be resistible instead cause disaster, convict us that we have not yet consigned preventable disasters to history.

We pray especially for the safety and health of All We Can’s partners in Malawi and the communities they work with. Cover them with your peace and steadfast love.

In our confusion and anger, we join with the lament of generations – how long, O Lord?



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