Earthquake: A prayer for Syria and Turkey

Prayer for Syria and Turkey earthquake


6 February 2023

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At the start of this week, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck parts of The Republic of Türkiye and The Syrian Arab Republic, toppling hundreds of buildings. A second earthquake of 7.6 magnitude struck again on Monday morning, followed by a series of aftershocks. Some estimates of casualties are at almost 16,000 people. Live updates are being reported on this feed.

Rescue workers are now operating in bitter winter weather to pull casualties from the rubble, and neighbouring countries are offering their support.

Today, we pray for those affected, as we continue to monitor the situation and find out the best way to support survivors.



You made yourself small and the subject of your own creation.

You know our despair and anxiety, our devastation and our anger.

Be present with those who suffer today in Turkey and Syria.

Teach us how to pray, and show us how to act, through Jesus Christ our Lord.



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