Fire in Kutupalong Camp: An update from Cox’s Bazar


On 22 March, an enormous fire tore through Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar – destroying shelters, displacing thousands, and causing untold trauma to families living in the affected area who have already been through so much.

All We Can’s supporters gave generously in response to this tragedy. Through our humanitarian aid partner in Cox’s Bazar, we’re working in Camp 9 and 8E to ensure that vulnerable Rohingya refugee families whose homes were destroyed in the fire now have access to dignified and secure shelters. Despite the challenges of rainfall, poor weather conditions, and complications caused by Covid-19, more than 60 new shelters have already been constructed – with more planned by the end of June.

By working together with local volunteers and community members, refugees have been able to take ownership of the construction of their new shelters, with their needs and requirements prioritized in the building of their new homes. The new shelters are more secure, stable and well ventilated in comparison to those prior to the fire – which were poorly constructed, packed close together, and with inadequate ventilation.

A new shelter constructed by our humanitarian partner in Kutapalong refugee camp, Cox’s Bazar. Image: DanChurchAid

Alongside building new and improved shelters for families, fire safety training will also take place  – this is so that every family has the knowledge they need to protect themselves and their loved ones should a fire take place again. This training will cover fire prevention and safety, as well as informing participants about referral mechanisms, community centers and service providers that can help them when needed. Those trained will be encouraged to share their learnings and knowledge with others to ensure that their household, neighbours’ and community members feel safe and secure.

Your ongoing support has made this work possible. You can continue to donate to All We Can’s Emergency Fund Appeal – enabling us to respond quickly and effectively in times of emergency, just like this.

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