Friendship Day 2017


Today is International Friendship Day, an opportunity to think about the difference friendship can make. All We Can believe in the power of friendship – that together we are stronger and in community we can do more.

In Deberemeaza in Ethiopia three friends are working together to change their community.

Sintayhu, Tadesse and Negash all live in Deberemeaza, Ethiopia. All We Can’s support has helped them in various ways- from being provided with sheep, to receiving training or farming equipment.
The friends then shared the knowledge they gained with each other so everybody could benefit from the training. With the help of All We Can, the men established a community garden where they grow crops communally to then sell.
The friends make sure that they share the workload and their experience. When not at school their children assist them and have learnt by working alongside them. Tadesse says, “if you work together you reduce the burden.” By working together the friends have been able to produce more than if they were working alone.
Being able to successfully produce apple crops has significantly improved life for the friends. They have been able to create a communal savings group. They then hope to be able to put these savings towards buying some group farmland and would like to be a model community for others that are in a similar situation.

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