Prayers for our environment


Joanna Callender is part of the Communications team at 24-7 Prayer and is passionate about community, eating together and very good cups of coffee.

[pullquote align=”right”]Creator God,
We are sorry when we have taken your world for granted,
And we invite you to come and bring transformation.
Protect and bring hope to those who are suffering;
Mobilise leaders all over our planet to bring long term solutions;
And show us, Lord, how we can play our part.
Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done. Amen [/pullquote]

When faced with the reality of the current climate crisis, we can become overwhelmed by the scale of the problem; unconvinced that our minor efforts will really make a difference.


we believe in a God who not only hears us when we pray but who acts in the most broken situations, and brings hope in the midst of chaos because we pray.

Prayer is one of the most powerful actions we can take.

Corporately Praying:

Join with your community to pray for transformation. Start with this stories in this book and invite God’s kingdom to come in those situations.

Creatively Praying:

Make a space in your church for creative prayer. Use a globe; get creative with water or sand; invite the whole church community – youngest to oldest – to seek God’s heart for our world.

Persistently Praying:

Commit to pray for our planet at a specific time each day. You might like to use the following prayer:

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