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Introducing Charity Begins at Home

All We Can's campaign for 2024 and 2025 is called 'Charity Begins at Home'. Find resources to introduce this campaign and All We Can's work in Liberia to your church.

Introducing Charity Begins at Home: Trusting Communities to Lead. Here are some resources to help you introduce this work to All We Can's work in Liberia and this campaign, all of which can be downloaded below (ignore the buttons and scroll down to the bottom of the page):

Jeremiah is dressed in yellow, standing outside one of the education centres where SHIFSD work, in Liberia.

Jeremiah from All We Can's partner in Liberia, SHIFSD. Their work enabling the communities they serve to thrive is a key focus for All We Can's campaign.


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What this pack includes is (click the links below to download):
1. A short outline for 10-15 minutes of your service
>> If you are a Partner Church
>> If you are not a Partner Church
2. A PowerPoint to accompany the notes
3. All We Can’s campaign video for this year
4. Two short videos:
a) A prayer from our partner in Malawi
b) An introduction to Charity Begins at Home

It is our hope this short segment of your worship service will engage people in All We Can’s work and thank you for all your support for All We Can!