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Lent 2024 – What is Mine to Do?

Download All We Can’s 2024 Lent resources!

When Jesus was in the desert, it was a time of discernment and preparation before beginning his ministry in earnest. Sometimes, however, it can feel like Lent is a time of doing - of feeling the pressure to act and be productive, rather than a time of preparation and reflection.

This year, All We Can are leaning into Lent’s roots as a time of discernment and inviting people to ask the question ‘what is mine to do?’

Sometimes when it comes to tackling injustice, our efforts can feel insufficient – like there is always something more we should be doing. Sometimes, we all need to hear the words ‘you can’t do everything!’ With All We Can’s Lent resource, you will have the chance to reflect on what is yours to do – as an All We Can supporter, and as a justice-seeker.

A series of postcards titled 'what is mine to do' on a table.

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You can, however, download all you need to work through Lent (and host a small group session) below.

It may be that Lent is a time for you to take something up and make a new commitment, but it may also be a chance to decide what you need to lay down. Part of All We Can’s journey of decolonising our systems and practices has been recognising there are many tasks that are better left to our local partners, rather than done by us. Perhaps you need to go on a similar journey.

In each of the 6 weeks of Lent you will reflect on a different possible answer to the question ‘what is mine to do?’
1. Pray.
2. Commit.
3. Fundraise.
4. Champion.
5. Pledge.
6. No-thing.

Download your Lent pack:
1. 40-segment jigsaw-style piece of artwork to colour-in each day of Lent, while you reflect on a question.
2. List of reflection questions – take them in order, or as inspiration strikes, while you colour in.
3. 6 postcards, each reflecting on a different one of the words above, along with stories and inspiration from All We Can’s partners.
a. Pray
b. Commit
c. Fundraise
d. Champion
e. Pledge
f. No-thing
4. Small group resource / guide

If you are looking for a more extensive small-group resource, we would recommend our Be Transformed resource – prepared for Lent 2023 but which continues to be an excellent introduction to All We Can’s work, our partnership approach and how our work can help shape your church’s mission and discipleship. You can still access the course online here.