Sustained by Community: With Revd. Naomi Nixon

In April, we spoke to Naomi Nixon (CEO, SCM Britain) about everything from climate justice, interior design, student and community leadership, and theology. We explored SCM’s Faith in Action project, student-led leadership model, and where we can meet them at events in the coming year.

SCM Britain

The Student Christian Movement (SCM) is a community of students passionate about expressing their faith in Jesus Christ through social action and prayerful devotion. SCM seeks to be a radical voice for equality and justice while providing a safe home for progressive Christian students. One of the organization’s most exciting initiatives is the Faith in Action project, designed to inspire students to follow Jesus actively in all aspects of life.

The Faith in Action project started in 2012 when Project Bonhoeffer and SCM teamed up with a vision to inspire students through the life, thought, and radical faith of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. From there, the initiative has grown and developed into what it is today: an effort to encourage students to fulfil their calling to serve our neighbours and ‘put a spoke’ in the wheel of injustice.

Students living out their faith

Now an integral part of SCM’s work, the Faith in Action project encourages students to get involved with campaigns to gain experience challenging injustice directly. Students are also encouraged to engage in theological reflection, grounding all their work in the teachings of their faith. SCM believes that living out one’s faith in action is essential, and they provide opportunities for students to do so in various ways, including campaigns, ethical living, and careers that make a difference to others.

SCM’s Faith in Action project is inspiring students to be involved in campaigns to challenge injustice directly.

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