Your resources for Refugee Week 2023

Refugee Week is just around the corner, running from the 19th to the 25th of June 2023. This annual event is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness, express solidarity, and extend support to refugees and asylum seekers around the world.

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To mark the week, we are excited to offer free resources for your church or group. These resources will equip you to engage, learn, and pray alongside us and our partners who are working to alleviate suffering and build more resilient communities for the future. Join us in making a lasting difference!

Make a Meaningful Impact

This year, we invite you to devote just 15 minutes of your service during Refugee Week to pray and learn with us. Our carefully curated resources are designed to facilitate discussions and provide valuable insights into the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers. By engaging with these materials, you can foster empathy, promote understanding, and inspire action within your community.

Free Resources Tailored for Your Needs

Our free resources have been thoughtfully crafted to provide you with a wealth of content, case studies, and tools for discussion. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Poster: Display this eye-catching poster in your church during Refugee Week and the weeks that follow.
  • Postcards: These informative postcards feature compelling case studies and thought-provoking discussion questions. Utilize them during your church service on the 25th of June to facilitate meaningful conversations about real stories from refugees around the world.
  • Short Film: Introduce our new Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) to your group or church service with our powerful short film. By showcasing the impact of the ERF, you can inspire your community to contribute to this vital fund.
  • Giving Envelopes: Encourage your congregation or group members to make a tangible difference by providing them with ERF giving envelopes. These envelopes serve as a convenient way to collect donations for the Emergency Relief Fund, ensuring that your support reaches those most in need.

Order Your Free Resources Today

To access these valuable resources, simply visit our resources page. We believe that by utilizing these materials, you can create a meaningful and impactful experience within your church or group. Together, let’s demonstrate our commitment to compassion, empathy, and justice for refugees and asylum seekers worldwide.

Refugee Week presents a unique opportunity to stand in solidarity with displaced individuals and communities facing unimaginable challenges. By ordering our free resources, you can play a crucial role in raising awareness, fostering understanding, and supporting those most in need. Let us unite during this week of reflection and action, as we work together to make a positive difference in the lives of refugees. Order your free resources today and join us in transforming the world one act of kindness at a time.

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