Taking on the Berlin Marathon


As one of All We Can’s wonderful trustees, Andy Dye already does a phenomenal amount of voluntary work for All We Can – but this September, he is taking that commitment a step further by taking on the Berlin Marathon. We caught up with Andy to see how his preparation for this impressive challenge is going…

What motivated you to take part in the Berlin Marathon?
I ran two marathons last year, and found that I enjoy them! Back in 1996, I ran the London Marathon and I remember that it was a great day. Berlin is another iconic marathon, with huge numbers, people from all over the world and amazing sights. It is going to be fantastic to be part of the day. It is also known as a particularly fast course…although I won’t be setting any world records (or personal bests!)

How is your training going?
To be frank…terrible! My training has been off and on, more off than on, because of recurring shin splints. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it means sharp pain up the edge of the shins, which makes constant training very difficult. So I have had to do a lot of work to keep my legs in working order, not overdo the training…Yet do enough to make it round…I hope!

As one of our trustees, what inspires you about the work of All We Can?
There are a number of things. All We Can are putting in to practice the love of God in practical way – they are following a Christian and very Methodist principle to go to help those in the most difficult circumstances. All We Can works to strengthen grassroots local organisations and see them fulfil the aims that they have. A lot of time is spent developing those partnerships and organisations to bring long term change to people’s lives. All We Can also has a principle of seeing every person’s potential fulfilled; this means people in need, but also staff, supporters and even trustees. So All We Can is helping bring change for good to a whole community of connected people.

Do you have any advice for your fellow runners?
My advice for fellow runners would be to have fun, listen to your body, and don’t overdo it. If you need motivation then enter an event 6 months away! Run in events that you enjoy, talk to people and marvel at the runners who pass you who are 80-years-old and wearing deep-sea diving outfits. Drink well and do plenty of other kinds of exercise too, to take the pressure off your legs.

We are so grateful for Andy’s enthusiasm and passion for those living in some of the world’s poorest communities, and can’t wait to hear how the marathon goes in September. If you would like to support Andy, please visit his sponsorship page. Alternatively, if this has inspired you to take on a sporting challenge of your own, take a look at our fundraising pages – we’ve got lots of resources to inspire and encourage you.

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