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Poverty, injustice and discrimination blight the lives of people like Shanu around the world.

When we stand alone, these problems can seem impossible to overcome. But when we work together we can transform lives and create real, lasting change.

By standing alongside people like Shanu in poor communities, you can make a world of difference. Will you help families like Shanu’s to have successful harvests by setting up a regular gift today?

For Shanu and his young family, every day is a struggle to survive in rural Malawi. Shanu works hard trying to provide for his family, wife Muona and three little children Sam, Mercy and baby Merina. But unpredictable weather, including droughts, are causing harvests to fail, leaving families like Shanu’s to go hungry.

“Most of the time we sleep on an empty stomach because we can’t find food to eat.” Shanu

With no food to eat, families go hungry and children suffer from malnutrition and sickness. Children like Sam, who is six, also frequently miss school because they are too weak from hunger to walk the long distances to school. Shanu explains,

“I’m proud of Sam. He’s very intelligent. But I get sad because at times we sleep on empty stomachs and in the morning he cannot go to school because he is hungry.”

But with your help, there is hope for families like Shanu and his son Sam.

In Malawi, All We Can are working with local people to overcome insufficient rainfall and failed harvests by building solar irrigation systems, equipping people with modern farming techniques and providing seeds and fertiliser, helping families to produce better harvests.

What we can achieve when we work together

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