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Order All We Can’s Extraordinary Gifts and resources

Using the All We Can shop, you can order your latest All We Can resources or celebrate a special occasion by giving an Extraordinary Gift that will spread love and joy to your loved ones, and change lives across the world. 🎁

With every Extraordinary Gift, you’ll receive a card to pass onto your family and friends, showing them the kind of difference their gift could make.

We’re busy building an exciting new online shop, which will be available to use from the start of June. Keep checking back to see when the new shop goes live! Find out more here

  • Busy Bees - £14

    Busy Bees

    £14.00 View
  • Change Begins – Lent Devotional 2021

    £2.00 View
  • An image of the Change Begins Lent resource for families

    Change Begins – Lent Family Resource 2021

    £2.00 View
  • Chirpy Chicks - £15

    Chirpy Chicks

    £15.00 View
  • A girl smiles at her sewing machine in Uganda

    Girl Power

    £19.00 View
  • Glorious washes her hands in a tippy-tap in Zimbabwe

    Make a Splash

    £15.00 View
  • Precious Water

    £10.00 View
  • Dagim, holds two locally grown potatoes

    Super Spud

    £18.00 View