Change Begins With A Bicycle

For girls like Nawalat, bicycles are more than a means of transport – they are a way to break the cycle of poverty.

All We Can’s campaign for 2019/20 was called Change Begins with a Bicycle. Although that campaign is now over, the work continues and you can be a part of the change that is happening – for Nawalat and for families and communities like hers around the world. You can still make use of the resources, which are available to download below.

There are worship resources, ideas for children’s/youth groups, school materials, prayer ideas, posters, videos and giving envelopes. You can either click the left button below to order physical Harvest resources or click the right button to download the Harvest materials online now.

Download Your Resources Now >>

Thank you for helping to break the cycle of poverty for girls like Nawalat in Uganda. 

Have you got questions about our Change Begins with a Bicycle campaign? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more and how to contact our Supporter Care Team.